About Us

S.A Atarim company was founded in 1996.
The company brings together under one roof inventory and extensive knowledge in a variety of solutions to the construction industry.

The company has seniority and expertise of many years in the anchor field and marblecladding.

S.A Atarim is a leading importer and marketer of stainless steel wires, screws, anchors,Diamond saws to a variety of materials, diamond drills for marble and granite, andaccessories that cover special anchoring.
The company produces different accessories according to customer requirements.

Vision: Transportation knowledge, professionalism and quality
The purpose: Ensure excellence and quality while maintaining the satisfaction of all partners -customers, employees and suppliers, Using integrating quality people, professional expertise, innovative products and intelligent behavior.
Company values​​: Operational excellence, customer inclusion, teamwork, reliability andvalues ​​through personal example.